Gunsmith with 30 yrs experience focusing on Ruger 10/22s
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Improve The Accuracy & Reliability of Your 10/22 Rifle

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After owning over a dozen 10/22's and shooting millions of rounds over the
last 30 years you find out what most of the problems with the ruger 10/22's are.

I have spent a couple years focusing on 10/22 reliability, trying all kinds of modifications that I did myself, some worked and some failed, then setting down doing deep analysis of why this didn't work and how to fix it.

Then I spent a couple years on "let's make this rifle shoot more accurate", tried some of the after market affordable barrels with some disappointment and started machining on the factory barrel and bolt.

I found that after I did a small group of modifications the rifle really worked and
was an accurate sleeper rifle.

I have put this years of field research into a easy to follow and perform manual of do it yourself step by step, large color photos information.

This step-by-step manual guides you through the details of transforming your standard 10/22 into a more reliable and accurate rifle.

The great thing is that you can make all of these modifications yourself and see the improvements immediately. Become the go-to-guy with extensive knowledge on how to make you and your friends rifles work right and hit what you are shooting at.. No gimmicks - just field proven techniques with measurable results.

The modification techniques in this manual will easily save you a couple hundred dollars in non productive and not necessary after market fluff.



Case Study #1 – Cleaning Rod Hole Modification


One of the things that really affects the accuracy of your 10/22 is lead build up in the barrel from shooting the cheap plinking ammo or the lead solid target ammo.

Most of the time we are out for the day shooting hundreds of rounds and the bore snake or pull through type brushes just doesn't cut the lead build up in the barrel.

The Problem

  • If you remove the barrel to clean it, the point of impact will change after you reinstall it.
  • The vibrations or harmonics will be affected if you don't tighten the mounting bolts the same as you had them before.
    Affecting your accuracy.

The Solution

Add a Cleaning Rod Hole (found in this ebook) an easy modification is to create rod hole in the back of the receiver. The advantage is that you can run a cleaning rod through the barrel with out removing it from the receiver.

Adding the cleaning rod hole is a very easy modification with very detailed instructions and clear large pictures found in this ebook.

Being able to make this one modification and clean your 10/22 barrel with a full length cleaning rod from the back of the receiver with no muzzle damage. Having the ability to finally be able to run the brush and jag through the barrel from the breech end is well worth the price of this ebook, Isn't it?

So what are you waiting for?

No need to shop around for elaborate tools and pricey upgrades. With a hobby tool and the common tools you have in your garage already, you can change the performance of your rifle in a couple nights.

This manual covers it all, and makes it easy for you to get started today by getting the utmost performance out of your 10/22.

This is the information you have been searching for to make your rifle RUN:

Stock Enhancements
Barrel & Bolt Improvements for Accuracy
Receiver Enhancements (Great alternative fix for oversized receiver cross pins, Don't risk receiver damage)
Malfunction Elimination (Just this information alone is worth the price to
stop the frustration)
Trigger Group Modifications
68 pages & 20+ Modifications
And Much Much More

This manual was written by a Gunsmith with over 30 years experience working on 10/22's. All of these techniques have been FIELD TESTED and proven. The diagrams are clear and concise. The directions are detailed and easy to follow.


This eBook will pay for itself many times over with just a little time and effort from you

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